Organ donations

Wayne State University School of Medicine recognizes the equal importance of both a body donation and an organ donation. This is a personal choice and the decision must be made by the individual.

The removal of any major organ at the time of death deems a body unsuitable for medical teaching and/or research. Therefore, an individual who has donated their body to the University may not donate any part of their body, other than the corneas, to another institution for transplantation.  

Those persons who decide to donate their entire body and also wish to donate their corneas, should contact the following organization for further information:

800-247-7250 or

The Body Bequest Office is not involved in arranging for the donation of the corneas at the time of death, and because of the brief time factor involved in corneal transplantation it is the responsibility of the next of kin to notify Eversight.

If donating a specific organ(s) has special significance to the individual, in lieu of a body donation; interested persons should contact the following organization:

Gift of Life