Burial/final disposition

Each year, Wayne State University School of Medicine conducts a memorial service for those individuals after cremation has taken place. This service is conducted by clergy members representing different faiths. Families are invited to attend this memorial service. If the family wishes to have the remains returned for private burial, the University will return the ashes as directed. However, the expense of this burial must be assumed by the family.

For the traditionally-minded individual, cremation is allowed in both Catholic and Protestant religions. The Office of the Chancellor of the Archdiocese of Detroit has issued the following statement: "Catholics are permitted to will their bodies to institutions of medical education and research, since this is an act which will benefit living persons. Burial is not a requirement in these cases, and cremation may be used."

A special marker is provided by Wayne State University School of Medicine in Oakland Hills Memorial Gardens, 43300 Twelve Mile Road, Novi, MI 48377, 248-349-2784. The special marker is inscribed "In Memoriam, The Dead Shall Teach The Living."

Individual flowers are permitted at the University burial plot. Individual markers are not permitted. As an alternative, there are memorial walls at the grave site and the family can purchase a name plaque to be place on the wall. This is done through the cemetery office.