Procedure at time of death

It is not necessary to make any transportation arrangements with a funeral director, ambulance service or other organization. Upon acceptance of the body, the Body Bequest Office will make all arrangements for removal of the body to Wayne State University School of Medicine. 

The office hours for the Body Bequest Program are as follows:

9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
313-577-1188 or 313-577-1198
Night line: 313-662-0250

Death in a hospital or nursing home

When a death occurs in a hospital or nursing home, in order to expedite the body donation procedure without complications, it is the responsibility of a family member and the hospital or nursing home to immediately notify the Body Bequest Office.

Death at home

In the event a death occurs at home, the person finding the body should first notify their local police department. The police will notify the county medical examiner (coroner) for permission to release the body to the family. Upon the medical examiner's permission to release the body, the family should notify the Body Bequest Office.

At times, when a death has occurred in either a hospital, nursing home, or at home, and the cause of death cannot be determined, the body is under the jurisdiction of the county medical examiner and an autopsy may sometimes become necessary. When a situation like this occurs, Wayne State University School of Medicine would not be able to accept the body donation. The family would then have to make other burial arrangements.